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We are located in Snow Lake, MB, 400 miles north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Gogal Air offers services to remote location whether it is for hunting and fishing destinations, hauling freight, drill moves, claim staking, surveying and wildfire support throughout Manitoba. Wherever you’re looking to go, we hope you’ll join us!

& Exploration
Mining is still the mainstay of Manitoba and Gogal Air is ready to assist with your short-term or ongoing project. With a fleet chosen to improve both economy and safety in mining and seismic applications, we can readily meet your requirements in the field. Our pilots have years of experience offering dependable service to the mining industry and can provide logistical advice and the right aircraft for the job. Located in our facility we have One Stop Shopping for your exploration program. We have facilities to do your Core logging, core cutting, drill company for BQ, NQ core, core storage and help with accommodations for the program.
Drill Moves We have experience moving all types of drills in diverse conditions and environments. Drill weight and target altitude will help determine which helicopter is best suited to your program. We can provide short-term contracts or seasonal in-camp helicopter support. We also offer a complete program which includes drill, core logging, core cutting facility so you can be assured a complete no worries type program. Call us anytime for these services.
Claim Staking Post staking is still an integral part of Manitoba exploration. Our fleet of helicopters are ideal for staking, performing well at altitude and easy to move doors for making the job more efficient for quick exits and unloading.
Charter / Special Needs We provide support to the Manitoba Sustainable Development Wildfire Program providing suppression action on forest fires using our fleet of aircrafts. The AS350 SD2 is a truly superb fire-fighting machine, with its speed, range and enormous payload. It is fully equipped for bucketing and our pilots are experienced flying for wild fire management.

Gogal Air has a very thorough and extensive safety program implemented. Our health and safety program works in conjunction with Transport Canada’s requirements for the development of a Safety Management System (SMS) and meets and exceeds national standards.

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We have the capacity to import aircraft to meet your company’s needs. Contact us to find the perfect aircraft for you and we will find the most economical and effective model.